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SP15N Soldering Iron with LED Light 15 Watt 240 Volt

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The Weller LED Soldering Iron with 3 LEDs to deliver light to the work area. A triangular housing captures the LEDs. Once the tip is in position, the hand naturally gravitates to the triangular area to provide a more stable and effective way to control the tip position.
The soldering iron delivers both comfort and flexibility. A round, soft-grip, non-slip handle design helps relax the hand during extended use. It easily provides a mechanism to roll and position the tip for application needs.
To ensure long life, the soldering iron comes with a stainless steel heater, impact resistant housing and heat resistant LEDs.
Ideal for micro components, electronic kits and low voltage working.
Supplied with:
Peg hook.
Iron stand.
User manual.
Wattage: 15W.
Votage: 230 Volt.
Temperature: 400°C (750°F).
Iron tip: S5 Ø2mm
Other compatible tips: S3, S31, S32.
Cord length: 1.60m.
Weight: 260g.