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7COC Carbon Monoxide Alarm (10 Year Sensor)

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The Kidde KID7COC Carbon Monoxide Alarm continuously monitors for the presence of deadly Carbon Monoxide in the home, providing a constant protection against its effects. The 7CO features two LED’s. Red illuminates when the alarm has detected CO in the atmosphere and green confirms that DC power is present. The alarm can either be installed on a wall or just placed on a tabletop or shelf for added convenience. It is also ideal for use when on holiday, in rented accommodation or for use in caravans and boats and complies with the very latest EN50291.2010 standards, Parts 1 & 2 (boats and caravans).

The Kidde 7CO carbon monoxide alarm features an industry leading 10 year sensor life, meaning that it lasts 40% longer than any other CO alarm. The alarm has an end of life warning to replace the unit after ten years protection.

Technical Specs
Model: 7CO.
Sensor Life: 10 Years.
BSI Certified to EN50291.2012.
CE Tested & Certified.
Working Temperature Range: 0-40°C.
Storage Temperature Range: -20-60°C.
Humidity Range: 10-95% Relative humidity (RH) Non-Condensing.