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Wood Jigsaw Blades Pack of 5 T119B

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These Irwin Wood Jigsaw Blades are made from Carbon steel for use in softer materials such as wood, laminated chipboard, and plastics. They have 3 Sided, fleam ground teeth for fast cut and clean finishes in all wood applications.

T Shank for AEG, Bosch, DEWALT and Hitachi Jigsaws.

These Irwin 10504227 (T119BO) Wood Jigsaw Blades provide narrow curve cuts in hard and soft wood, plywood, particleboard and plastics 2-20mm.

Technical Specs
Overall Length: 83mm.
Tooth Pitch: 1.2mm.
Max Depth of Cut: 20mm.
Popular Reference: T119BO.
Pack Size: 5.

Additional information

Weight 44 g